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How Do I Manage and Pay My TDECU Credit Card?


SUMMARY: Learn about managing and paying your TDECU credit card in Digital Banking or Access Point.

Members love their TDECU credit cards. Especially when they save on fuel at Buc-ee's, buy everyday items, and even lower debt on other loans and cards by transferring their balances. But, there are also questions on how to manage TDECU credit cards. The answer, we offer a couple of ways to manage and pay TDECU credit cards through Digital Banking or through Access Point if you aren't enrolled in Digital Banking.

TDECU Digital Banking

To manage and pay your credit card through Digital Banking, simply login to Digital Banking on the top left corner of and click Services and then Credit Cards. At this point, you will see your available accounts listed and can choose which one you would like to access. After you select the account, you can manage and make payments to your card. 

Access Point

If you haven't enrolled in Digital Baking, Access Point is the other option. For this option, please enter the Access Point URL into your browser's search bar (see how to do this below) or click the Register button on our website's credit card page.