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5 Surprising Ways to Save on Electricity This Spring


SUMMARY: The freezing winter months are finally coming to a close, which can only mean one thing: spring is almost here, and the weather is about to start warming up.


While spring can be a great time for spending time outside and gardening, it can also be taxing in terms of electricity, particularly if it's the season when you start to use the air conditioning. If you want to make sure you save as much as possible on your electric bills this spring, the following information may help. These tips can ensure you're using as little energy as possible and getting an electricity bill that doesn't break the bank.


Unplug Unnecessary Appliances When Not in Use

Did you know that your appliances are using energy if they're plugged in -- even when you're not using them? To help cut down on electricity usage, unplug appliances that can be unplugged when they're not in use, such as your blender, toaster, phone charger, vacuum and more. You can (and should) keep items that depend on electricity -- like your refrigerator -- plugged in all of the time.

Tune Up Your A/C

Depending on where you live, you may not need your A/C all of the time. However, you can give it a tune-up to make sure it's in great shape for summer, and so that it works as well as possible once you start using it. Clean out the filters and check the level of refrigerant to make sure it's functioning properly. If you have questions about it, call in a professional. That way, when you do decide to turn it on (if you need it), it will do an efficient and effective job cooling a room.

Sleep With the Windows Open

During the spring, it's usually still cool enough to keep the windows open at night. Do this instead of turning on your air conditioner while you sleep. You'll save money on electric bills, and get to enjoy breathing in the fresh air. To get a good breeze going in a room, try opening two windows across from one another.

Use Efficient Light Bulbs

Light bulbs light the rooms of your home. However, they also add heat -- especially if they're not efficient light bulbs. Change out your old-fashioned light bulbs for LED lights or bulbs that are certified as Energy Star products. Not only will the bulbs themselves use less energy, they'll also produce less heat, which means you won't have to use as much electricity cooling the space with fans or air conditioners.

Sign Up for Energy Ogre Service

To see how much you can save overall on your electricity bill, visit You can get a free, no-obligation electricity bill analysis and, if you see estimated savings, you can sign up for the service for $10 per month. Also, if you're a member of TDECU, you can get your 13th month of Energy Ogre Service for FREE.

Spring is a beautiful season and a great time to enjoy the outdoors -- but it can also be a time when your electric bills get more expensive. However, by taking some concrete steps to lower your energy usage, you can ensure that you can afford every electric bill that comes your way.