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Digital Payments Options for Small Business

Posted by TDECU on Friday, 21 October 2016 in Credit Talk

Today's businesses need to accept as many payment options as possible from their customers. Whether you run an online store or you have a brick-and-mortar location, you should use at least one of these digital payment options for small businesses. Of course, you should learn about what each option offers before you decide which one to use.

Preparing Your Home to Be a Smart Home

Posted by TDECU on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 in Web Talk

As more people realize that smart devices and appliances can make life easier, they'll want to turn
their existing houses into smart homes. However, before starting this home improvement project, make sure that your house is prepared. You may need to spend money updating your home before it's ready for the "smart" revolution.

Differences Between a Traditional and Roth IRA

Posted by TDECU on Friday, 07 October 2016 in Investment Talk

Retirement can sneak up on you and poor financial planning can leave you unprepared. TDECU offers tax-efficient Individual Retirement Accounts to our Members. All IRAs are insured through NCUA and designed to provide a more comfortable retirement.

Computer security experts estimate that over a third of personal computers contain viruses. If your 
computer has a virus, criminals can potentially steal your private information. Even if the hackers don't commit fraud, viruses can cause a host of problems for your computer.

Did you automatically sign up for your employer's retirement plan without considering your options? While this might have been a good idea in the past with employers offering fixed pensions on top of your salary, most retirement plans have become contribution-based. If you're investing your own money, make sure you're getting the best return possible. Consider the following.

We welcome your thoughtful comments. Please review our Blog Guidelines before adding a comment.
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