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Need help balancing your check book? We've got you covered!


SUMMARY:With online and mobile banking being wonderful options to help keep track of your checking and savings accounts, we often forget how important it can be to monitor your spending and balance your checking accounts!

Balancing your checkbook can help you track your spending, check to see if certain items are adding up and costing more than you need to spend and even help you spot fraudulent or unauthorized charges. 

TDECU hadeveloped a handy guide for you to balance your checking account in a matter of minutes! If you'd like more information regarding TDECU checking accounts, check out our page! To get started using TDECU's guide, click below!

Balance your checkbook now!


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If you're new to balancing your checkbook, here are a few pointers to get you started!

 1: Compare your account register to your account statement for unrecorded transactions (i.e.  ATM transactions, interest, fees). 

2: Write in the final balance shown on the front of your account statement.

3: Write in any deposits you have made since the date of your account statement.

4: Add together amounts listed above in steps 2 and 3.

5: List and add together all checks and withdrawals that you have made that are not reported on your account statement.

6: Subtract the amount from step 5 from the amount in step 4. This is your adjusted balance and should match the amount in step 1.

You're all set! — you just balanced your checkbook!