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Skip the Signature for Faster Payment Experiences!


SUMMARY: Checking out at the store may be faster than ever!

Lucky for you, many MasterCard holders and other vendors will be doing away with electronic signatures for purchases. Research has shown that customers prefer to skip this step as it saves time and can help make long lines move faster. 


As of today, more than 80% of MasterCard holders will no longer have to sign on the line while making credit/debit card purchases, and by April of this year, the number could reach 100%.
Skipping the signature won’t mean you are more susceptible to danger, in fact with recent advances and authentication technology, security is highest priority for many companies. Requiring a signature doesn't necessarily mean it's a safer transaction, and polls have shown that customers don't mind having this step cut out of the process!


Next time you’re in the checkout line, if you aren’t prompted to sign, don’t be surprised! As always, if you have any security concern regarding your credit or debit card, be sure to get in touch with them immediately to report suspicious activity or a lost/stolen card.

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