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What is a Routing Number? What’s TDECU’s Routing Number?


SUMMARY: Learn what your routing number is, and see TDECU’s routing number.

 If you’ve ever filled out a direct deposit form, or other paperwork that requires your  account information, chances are you’ve had to input your financial institution’s unique “routing number.”  A routing number, or ABA routing transit number (ABA RTN) is a nine-digit code used by financial institutions in the United States. The code usually appears at the bottom of checks to indicate the financial institution from where the funds are drawn. Originally developed in 1910 by the American Banker Association, ABA routing numbers were designed to facilitate sorting, bundling and shipment of checks back to the check writer’s account.

You can find TDECU's  routing number on our website in the footer of each page (see highlighted text in the footer image below), on your checks as the first set of nine numbers (see the check example below) and on the “Contact Us” page. Our routing number is 313185515.

routing number-1.png